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Website Architecture And SEO

So you know what type of website you need and we have worked with you understand what you want to achieve from your new website.

Keywords, keyterms and keyphrases have been researched and finalised, we now have most of the information required to build out the website and menu architecture. There are normally at least two ways of structuring the menus, be it industry > services or service > industries, this might read minor but is vitally important to the success of your SEO - website.

Menu Architecture For Good SEO

The next step is to build out your menu architecture, this will help in the writing of content and what extras can be used to give you a website that works with obvious and easy navigation. For example - new product displays or special offer displays.

Website menu architecture must be done by us, but to achieve this we will need to know what all your products and/or services are. We need a full list of products and how you categories them, including any cross category products or services. Because we've done the keyword research matching these terms to your products and/or services is second nature(most of the time), it's one thing to create categories in a website, it's another to get the names right for optimum SEO.

Full SEO Web Design Process

We might change the names of categories to suite how the Internet works. You have to consider what and how people search, this happens on a regular basis and you should know that this is why you pay for our expertise. The full SEO web design process comes into play for this, how page titles and meta descriptions build along a chain and how the structure of URLs come together to create a 'funel'.

Any website, especially one that has been built with SEO web design in mind, should be able to get any visitor to the information - product - service they want as quickly as possible. The structure is vital for this process, it has to be clear and involving as few clicks as possible.

Website Architecture

Imagine someone lands on your home page and they want to get to a product page, you cannot list all of your products on the home page so you send them in an obvious direction. That second level page might have four sub-category pages leading from it, with a further four pages from that one, so on and so on. But what if they didn't get to your site via the home page, but landed on a second or even third level page, your content, URL and breadcrumb should be able to tell them that they are in the right section of your site. That is, if it has been built and structured properly.

People search differently depending on if they are buying a product or researching a topic. Your website must reflect this and be developed with this in mind for your genre/industry.

Hire Dean Marshall Consultancy for your SEO web design project and everything above, is guaranteed!

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