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SEO Content Writing

We have the keywords and keyphrases, the menu and site architecture is built.

SEO Content - Call To Action

Now it's time for the content, you know your industry, products, genre, etc. Content writing should be focused on giving information with a strong sales pitch. Describe the product you're selling with variations if applicable but remember the sales pitch.

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Writing SEO Content From Researched Keywords

You have a list of keywords and keyterms that need to be a major feature of your content. Adding the sales pitch can be done at the end, focus on the bulk of the text with clear, unconfusing terminology. If your industry is technical and you're only looking for professionals, be concise at the top of an article with detailed information below, This is shown to be clearly the best way of writing for technical or intellectual topics on the net, preferably with 'jump-off links' to the detailed information. Obviously we will create the links just supply the anchor text.

On the main, don't worry about writing perfect content, the structure of the content is virtually always changed by ourselves, we always tweak the meat of the content that will become your articles / product pages.

Importance Of Page Titles In SEO Web Design

As the content is being add to the site we will create the page titles, these are the major part of the article and can be worth around 40% - 80% of your article's on-page search ranking (80% would be a very poor page with little to no text). At this time the meta description and meta keywords will be added, the description is important for search engines, Google does not use meta keywords but other search engines do.

SEO Content Writing - Headings

One of the major parts of SEO content writing are the headings. Article headings are very important as they highlight what you can expect to read in that section of an article, these are as important to search engines as they are to humans, get your keywords in there and don't be shy with them.