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Joomla Security

Our joomla security services can block virtually all hack attempts aimed at your website. Proper configuration of files and site settings greatly reduce the risk of website down time, along with other expert security measures including:

  • htaccess file settings
  • folder permissions
  • regular security updates
  • removing extraneous folders and files
  • backup system
  • Update third party add-ons
  • Database prefix
  • Computer virus uploads

Joomla Security Audit

Stay ahead of the hackers with our Joomla security audit. Review all the components within your site, as well as all the modules and plugins.

Recommend best settings and configuration for your website and server. Create a backup routine for you and lock-down obvious issues.

Joomla Security - Website Disaster Recovery

We can create and implement a backup procedure to have your site up and running again, in the event of a major hacking incident. Our disaster recovery service backs up your site twice a week - Monday and Friday and uploads the backups to a remote server.

Joomla Backup And Restore

If a hacking incident occurs the backup can be downloaded in a few minutes as it's server to server, restoring the most recent backup once on your server will take ten minutes, this means your site can be back up and running in fifteen to twenty minutes.

The price of this twice weekly security service is £25 per month, the price includes restoring backups when needed.

Joomla Hacked - Clean Up Joomla

If your Joomla security has been compromised and your site has been hacked, we offer three de-hacking services.

  1. Restoring your website from a known good back-up
  2. De-hack Joomla website
  3. Rebuild site - only keeping the database

Here are two articles to help identify Joomla security issues and some Joomla security tips to aid in protecting your website.

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